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DCPS disctrict logo.png    John T Alsop Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida at night.

What do you think, when someone mentions to you 'Duval County Schools?'  QUICK! Pick a word or a phrase, then be prepared to throw it out the window.  Interestingly, those coming into town from outside Florida see it, yet our very own townspeople don't.  So here we go...

If there is one phrase that describes Duval County Public Schools over the last several years, it is continuous quality improvement! As one of Florida’s seven major metropolitan school districts, Duval has made extraordinary progress in student achievement with a “whole child” educational philosophy and relentless commitment to instruction excellence intentionally designed to prepare students for 21st century career and college. 

  • 2018-19 district grade of “B” per the Florida Department of Education. 

  • Highest "B" of any school district in Florida.

  • Less than one percentage point from being an "A" district.  
  • 87% of schools earned “A, B, or C.”

  • 42 schools increased at least one letter grade, including six schools that jumped two letter grades.



DUVAL Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Diane Greene, was named 2021 Florida Superintendent of the Year.

DUVAL Schools boast incredible STEM, ArtsMusic and Advanced Placement Programs that will take our next generation to their goals and dreams. 

DUVAL's Jacksonville Beach Elementary School (JBE), a gifted and academically talented dedicated middle school has been recognized as a Nationally Certified-Demonstration Magnet School.  

SO...if you are considering moving the family to beautiful NE Florida, Choose Jacksonville and enjoy the best of EVERYTHING.

Genni Jett
Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices FNR

Your Realtor For Life.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to San Marco, Florida


When you live in San Marco, Florida, beach season never ends. The weather is warm all year round. This quaint neighborhood is a suburb of Jacksonville, which is the largest city in both Florida and the Continental United States. Jacksonville spans 22 square miles and has a population of almost 900,000. San Marco's population is around 35,000. The area is dotted with residential neighborhoods and white sandy beaches.

Although much of the suburb of San Marco is residential, it is also home to San Marcos Square. The Square is San Marco's go-to commercial destination where most of the suburb's restaurants, bars, and retail stores are located. The square's major landmark is the restored 3 lion statues, originally inspired by Venice's Piazza San Marco.

1. Beach Locale With a Strong Economy

San Marco is located south of Downtown Jacksonville, just across St John River. With a median age of 35, Jacksonville has the youngest population of any city in Florida. The area's diverse business and recreational opportunities, along with its younger population, make Jacksonville a top choice for young professionals and those with growing families.

Because tourism and hospitality are major industries in the area, jobs are plentiful in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other recreational venues. Unemployment in Jacksonville is 5% which is slightly lower than the national average of 5.2% and the job market is expected to grow by nearly 40% over the next 10 years.

2. Jacksonville's Vibrant Arts and Music Scene

Along with beautiful white sand beaches and a strong economy, Jacksonville is known for its arts and music scene. The city holds festivals and arts events year round.


Every Memorial Day weekend, Downtown Jacksonville is taken over by the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. JazzFest is one of the largest jazz festivals in the country. Food trucks provide local fare while jazz musicians entertain on one of three stages. Admission to the festival is free.

Jacksonville Art Walk

On the first Wednesday of every month, Jacksonville holds the Jacksonville Art Walk. The art walk is a mix of pop-up galleries and freestanding artists. Admission is free and the walk is self-guided. The artwork features hundreds of artists on display across over 60 different venues. In conjunction with the Art Walk, Myth Nightclub holds its monthly "Silent Disco Artwalk After Dark Event." The nightclub features DJs on 4 channels, art vendor displays, dance performances, and drink specials all night.

San Marco Art Festival

Held twice a year, the San Marco Art Festival is held along the suburb's main stretch of San Marco Boulevard. It is a two day festival of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, handmade jewelry, collage, mixed media, and photography. Artwork by over 100 artists from all over the country is displayed in the outdoor showcase. All the art featured is "Original Art Handmade in America." Artists can have the work included in a juried competition and compete for prizes.

Art walks and markets are held in different parts of town on a weekly or monthly basis. Jacksonville's other artworks included the Downtown Artwalk, Jax Beach Art Walk, North Beaches Art Walk, and Riverside Arts Market.

3. Did We Mention the Beaches?

Jacksonville's white sand beaches are situated on an unnamed barrier island that is nicknamed San Pablo Island. Collectively known as "the Beaches," Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville Beach make up Florida's "First Coast." Swimming and surfing, golfing, boating, sunbathing and sea kayaking are just some of the activities you can enjoy.

Beachgoers often get a chance to see dolphins swimming nearby But if you want to make sure you get a chance to swim with dolphins, the Marineland Dolphin Adventure in St Augustine is a short drive from Jacksonville. The aquarium provides lectures from dolphin trainers as well as the opportunity to swim alongside trained dolphins.

Many animal lovers will also appreciate that the Jacksonville area is home to wildlife preserves including the Catty Shack, a refuge for big cats, and B.E.A.K.S, the Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary.

San Marco and Jacksonville offer vast beaches and ample entertainment for all members of the family. It's the perfect place to move for those who appreciate art, music, and outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, golfing and boating. Because tourism dominates the economy, it would be a good move for those who work in tourism and hospitality.

WHAT is with Realtors!!?



Do you have a 'crazy realtor' story?  I wish I could say I haven't heard them. But they are definitely a 'thing.'  And it made me ponder.. what makes the 'crazy?"  Was the realtor over-engaging... 'creative' apparel... or maybe the opposite - intermittent MIA or forgetting who you are..  Clearly you moved on to another.  But that is the right thing to do.  If you didn't feel comfortable with your doctor or dentist, you would go to another!

Professionalism is a characteristic you would expect in a business that facilitates the purchase/sale of large assets.  For those who have used the same realtor for years, I am sure professionalism was apparent.  And I am thrilled to hear about those who HAVE used the same realtor for years.  That's our goal - realtor for life.  What do the stats say....

According to National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:

  • 89 percent of buyers said they would use their agent again or recommend their agent 

  • 85 percent of sellers said they would definitely or probably recommend their agent

  • 64 percent of sellers used an agent referred to them by a friend, neighbor or relative, or one they had previously used

  • 42 percent of buyers used an agent referred to them by a friend, neighbor or relative

  • The typical seller has recommended their agent twice since selling their home, while 33 percent have recommended their agent three or more times

WHAT ABOUT FREALTORS? (Friend that is a realtor)  Yes, they made it a 'word.' 

If your friend has tons of experience, is familiar with all your favorite locations, and you're 100% comfortable entering a business relationship with them, go for it. A good agent who is also a good friend is going to work harder for you than any other agent you can hire.

Professionalism and respect, from both the realtor and seller/buyer will help avoid a 'crazy' experience.  You spend a lot of time communicating with your realtor - make sure it is comfortable and consistent. If it is a good experience, refer to a friend!   Referrals are definitely the majority of my business and the best compliment I could ever receive.  

Good Luck!
Genni Jett

Empty Nesting... The Good. The Bad. The Sad.


And here it starts.  #1 of 3 will be out the door in May and I am guessing I will be glad/excited?  He's been just enough of a 'pain in the rear' to alleviate any guilt I may have for encouraging him move into the next phase of his life's journey.  Still, I will have my girls.  Teen girls.  Did I mention teen...   Actually they are pretty darn easy to live with but we do have our days. 

I think about these things, as I work with people making changes in their journey... whether upsizing or downsizing.  Quite a bit of emotion and plenty of stress are involved.  If you haven't made a big move yet, take your time.  There is always that little inkling of doubt no matter which choice you make, in the words of The Clash, "should I stay or should I go."

You have a soul mate - with either choice you make.  It too, is part of the journey.  Let's do this. Together.


A State of Mind... wow.


Those cheeseball emails with quotes, cute babies and cuddly critters..... I have a love/hate relationship.  Love them and hate the time I waste looking at them.

But sometimes something speaks to you.  

Ambience matters... quiet, head phones, alone... to watch (yes, it's short)...

Live Your Dream?


Chicken 'or' the Egg...



When you live in Jacksonville, FL you know there are several pocket areas like San Marco, Riverside, Avondale, even Atlantic Beach, that represent a lot of history. Our years may not be as seasoned as St. Augustine but, Jacksonville has plenty of interesting history to work with. 

To live in one of these areas means your home may not have all of the 'boxes' checked.  It is a chicken/egg conundrum - buy move-in ready? or buy & renovate.   I believe that depends staunchly on the strength of your marriage. wink.  Or your fortitude, if no others involved.   My Dad used to call it 'The Sickness" - that dreamy bug in the brain that made you buy a 200 year old home because 'it made it this far!' 

Obviously there is no correct answer. Your circumstance will direct. I am grateful though, to those homeowners and builders who value the architectural diversity of our town. I would love to hear if anyone has a 'favorite home' or designer here in Jacksonville... I.e. 'the marble home,'  Robert Broward,..   


San Marco Blog of the week - history...



Considering a move to San Marco?  Join those who love it..

Located just minutes away from Downtown's Southbank you'll be connected  to incredible dining, upscale trendy clothing boutiques, and sensational art galleries. The San Marco dinner theatre and Theatre Jacksonville, the oldest community theatre in the country dating back to 1938, are also located within the square. Riverfront park in San Marco is a wonderful location for city views, especially during sunset.

Enjoy some of Jacksonville’s best restaurants including bb’s, The Grotto, Indochine, and Maple Street Biscuit Company. Don't stop at just dinner, the area is emerging with nightlight hot spots like Grape and Grain Exchange, Le Bar at Bistro AIX, The Parlour, Sidecar and one  of the seven local breweries, Aarrdwolf Brewing Company.

Risk vs. Reward


Making the move to something new, whatever it is, can be difficult.  I'ts not just your life and perspective that is going to change, it's your entire family's and circle of friends.  For example, it is easy to see the rewards of a 'bigger house' however, the risks of a longer commute, etc. may just outweigh the reward.

Questions you may want to ask yourself... "Do the neighbors respect their own house/yard?  How close is the grocery store and gas station?  What are the schools like?  What is the commute to work during traffic times?   How loud is it on my street when the streets are wet?   Does this house meet my top three priorities (whatever you decided those are)? "

Lots of things OUTSIDE of the home to think about.   

Getting your family's buy-in is critical to a positive transition.  I find those who engage all involved from the onset, find a home faster.  Having an objective and patient realtor doesn't hurt either... Gen

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